Superior Putting Green Maintenance

A.P.E. Mower Brushes deliver professional quality putting greens never before seen in turf maintenance. A.P.E. Mower Brushes work to promote healthy turf growth, the unique movement of the bristles stimulate each blade of grass before the cut is made.

Putting greens have never been so fast, smooth, and uniform. Simple to install, effortless operation, this mower brush provides the highest quality turf cuts possible.

Made for both walking and riding golf course mowers, this durable mower brush is constructed with light-weight aluminum and state of the art bristles that will not deteriorate.


  • Golf Course Maintenance


A.P.E. Mower Brush Maintenance

The high quality aluminum frame and durable bristles allows for years of use without deterioration or equipment failures.

A.P.E. Mower Brushes are infinitely adjustable, this unique feature is critical to maximizing putting green performance. The bristle technology used by A.P.E. Mower Brushes works to stimulate each blade of grass, leaving each blade up-right before the cut.




The Design

Inspired by the knowledge of agronomist and the ingenuity of an engineer/inventor, the A.P.E. Mower brush was designed by the best for the best. A.P.E. Brushes gently direct the blades of grass to its natural vertical state before the cut leaving you with unparalleled putting green performance.

All A.P.E. Mower Brushes are easy to attach / detach from your greens mower, and allow for infinite adjustments. The adjustability of the A.P.E. Mower Brush paired with its unique bristle technology allows for a gentle, stimulating brush before the cut at any height.