Tournament Ready Golf Course Maintenance

An attachable golf course maintenance brush that stimulates turf growth and provides highly accurate cuts.

Achieve the smoothest, fastest greens possible with A.P.E. Brushes. Provide tournament quality putting greens and increased ball speed. This innovative mower brush design ensures consistent, tournament ready greens.

A.P.E. Mower Brushes are infinitely adjustable allowing for a gentle, energizing turf brushing. A.P.E.’s infinitely adjustable mower brush provides green maintenance in the least invasive, most stimulating way possible.

High Quality, Durable Mower Brush – All A.P.E. Mower Brushes are built with aluminum frames and top quality bristles that will not fail. Golf course maintenance is rough on equipment, avoid repairs with A.P.E.s durable mower brush design.

Unparalleled Cutting Efficiency – putting green maintenance has never been so simple, make highly precise cuts without damaging turf.

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