Greens Mower Brushes that Work!






APE Brush kits mount without modifying
your existing mower in any way.

The patented design of the A.P.E. Greens Mower Brush improves cutting accuracy and stimulates both health and performance in your golf course greens.

The A.P.E. Top Dressing System provides the fastest and most efficient method for sand distribution. Complete coverage is achieved in the least amount of time.

The A.P.E. golf greens brush system replaces traditional wood block brushes with a top-quality, unique, all-aluminum bristle mounting system. Eliminating the wood block eliminates the inevitable deterioration of the bristle mount, providing more reliable performance and longevity for your brushes.

Greater bristle density was used when creating the A.P.E. greens mower brushes. This, combined with spacing between the bristle rows, allows for even more effective operation than previous offerings.  The newly designed brush head can be retro-fit to all previous models.


Turf grass Management for Golf Courses by
Dr. James B. Beard defines brushing as ….”the practice of moving a brush against the surface of a turf to lift non-vertical stolons and/or leaves before mowing to produce a uniform surface of erect leaves.”


In your ongoing quest to create a uniform surface of erect leaves – the  ultimate putting surface –  A.P.E. brushes’ will help you achieve maximum results for your efforts.

Looking to achieve the best results when mowing your greens? Golf superintendents have turned to greens mower brushes to help them to improve their greens maintenance. Mower brushes are a vital component to improving green speed and overall quality of golf greens.


For decades, greens' cutting heights have consistently been lowered to achieve a faster ball roll, thereby increasing the difficulty of play. As new cultivation techniques were introduced, heights on greens have reached extremely low levels, often as low as 1/16 inch. At such a low height, maintenance of golf green can be very costly and difficult.


With A.P.E. BRUSHES, superintendents can more easily provide this enhanced maintenance to their greens in a cost-effective way. Currently available for both riding mowers and walking mowers, in 11 models.

Original wood brush designs

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