Our Golf Course Mowers

All products are constructed of high-strength aluminum. Mounting components utilize stainless steel and grade #8 steel hardware. Our high-density brush heads are made of the finest-quality nylon bristles.

A golf course mower being used in Florida

This system replaces traditional wood block brushes with a unique all aluminum bristle mounting system. Eliminating the wood block eliminates the inevitable deterioration of the bristle mount.


Four strips of independently mounted, replaceable nylon bristles create the brush head. The bristle length, gauge and material are identical to previous offerings.


Greater bristle density combined with spacing between the bristle rows allows for even more effective operation than previous offerings.


Revolutionary New Top Dressing System!

Top dressing golf greens is

vital to tournament-readiness.

Get the best results with A.P.E.

  • Increase ball stability
  • Increase greens health
  • Increase greens performance

Top dressing has become standard in golf course management.  Research has shown that greens that are not top-dressed have poorer turf quality than those that are top-dressed as little as two times per year. Greens that are not top-dressed become thatched and puffy, and can result in scalping and shorter ball-roll distances.


Also important is the frequency and application of top dressing. Our top dressing system is designed for light or heavy top dressing applications.

Easy to Use!

For easy and efficient top dressing, attach the A.P.E top dressing system to the towing vehicle of your choice. Upon arrival at the green, remove a single pin, flip 3 levers, and roll the carrier off the brush assembly. In less than a minute, you are able to begin moving sand.


The multiple brush heads are positioned strategically to cover 6 feet of green in a single pass. The heads articulate individually, allowing them to follow the undulation of the green. Speedy, gentle, and efficient sand distribution is achieved easily.


Once you have finished your top dressing, moving to the next green is easy.  Roll the carrier back onto the brush assembly, activate 3 levers, install one pin, and you are on your way.


Our system is top of the line, and provides the best results when
top dressing greens.

The brushes will evenly-work the top dressing materials into the surface, which is vital to proper application of the technique.


Greens that are managed with heavy applications of top dressing will greatly benefit from our system. This thick layer of sand must be worked in evenly for best results. When not applied evenly, sand can pile and persist for days after application. By using our systems to evenly distribute top dressing sand, greens will be ready for play more quickly than without.

Mounts without modification

of any kind!

Mounts without modification

of any kind!


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