Your Expertise + Our Brushes =

Tournament Ready Greens

  • INCREASE BALL SPEED - Provides a smoother, more uniform putting surface.

  • STIMULATE TURF HEALTH - Promotes healthy greens, encourages growth.

  • INCREASED CUTTING EFFICIENCY -Achieve more accurate results in less time.


The A.P.E. top dressing system has a unique design and features a multiple, articulating head design that is without question the fastest, most efficient method for sand distribution in top dressing golf greens.

A.P.E. patented brush designs are taking golf course greens maintenance to the next level by eliminating  the problems experienced with other mower brush and top dressing equipment.


Rugged construction and quality materials create brushes with durability, performance and low maintenance, the hallmark of all A.P.E brushes.

A.P.E. Mower brushes are infinitely adjustable, allowing for gentle and effective precision greens cutting for golf courses.

Our brushes are currently available for both riding mowers and walking mowers, in
11 different models. Custom models available.

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